Palazzo Della Luna’s residences are appointed with a list of inspired details that are not only beautiful, but offer the highest quality functionality from a well-edited selection of the world’s leading luxury brands. All materials, surfaces and fixtures have all been hand-selected by Champalimaud Design to achieve a supreme level of comfort and luxury.

  • Fantini Mosaici

    Inspired by the historic Italian palazzos and villas of Venice and Padua, Fantini Mosaici imparts old world class via new world technology in their handcrafted mosaics and fine Seminato terrazzo flooring at Palazzo Della Luna. Combining the traditional Italian handmade process with today’s modern technology, Fantini Mosaici’s work complements Palazzo Della Luna's modern conveniences while reflecting the building’s homage to artistry and tradition that spans over hundreds of years of Italian history.
  • Margraf

    Palazzo Della Luna is interpreting marble in architecture in a visionary new way. Each residence has its own distinct personality. Every Margraf marble panel is prepared according to the ancient Italian technique of Dzopen bookdz, known to the Romans since at least a half century. The Dzbookmatcheddz marble and natural stones are by definition impossible to reproduce, and like works of art they are open to individual objective artistic interpretation. Homeowners will delight in Palazzo Della Luna’s a unique location and use of refined and unique materials.
  • Boffi

    Following the successful collaboration with Palazzo Del Sol, Boffi is honored to partner with Palazzo Della Luna and again bring consistency of quality, design and passion the brand is known for to the kitchens and master bathrooms at Fisher Island’s most prestigious building. Boffi’s 360-degree design view is harmoniously integrated with Champalimaud’s total design concept perfectly suited to the beauty of the island and the prestige of the project. The luxurious Fisher Island bathtub, inspired by its namesake and designed by contemporary Italian master PieroLissoni, illustrates the prestige of this unique design partnership. In addition to the residences at Palazzo Della Luna, the Fisher Island tub is now available at Boffi’s flagship location across Europe, America, and the Far East.
  • “The world’s best design meets the world’s finest materials at every touch point.”
  • TOTO

    Improving people’s lives is what inspires every TOTO innovation, and for nearly a century TOTO products have done just that. The greatest TOTO innovation, however, is astonishing beauty that performs incredibly. The TOTO products that grace the bath spaces of Palazzo Della Luna are designed to make their owners’ lives cleaner, healthier, less complicated, and sophisticated. Inspired by long-view trends in architecture and global design, TOTO complements Palazzo Della Luna’s sophisticated Mediterranean style and luxurious conveniences with timeless styling and flawless performance that is always modern and lasting.
  • Apure

    The lighting design of Palazzo Della Luna was a thoughtful process by Apure posed to ignite a careful balance of light and shadows that complement the building’s seductive natural light, reflected and amplified by the waters of Government Cut. Interior spaces, like the North Lobby Lounge, require conscious daytime lighting, to highlight areas and to let others recede into intimacy. This relationship allows the lighting to have a lively conversation with the interior palette of materials and color schemes. At night, the drama of the interior and exterior spaces increases with successive waves of various temperatures and levels of illumination. The exterior lighting has been designed to engender three-dimensional living spaces, using fewer, more efficient and strategically located designer fixtures with diffusers and lenses to precisely control the quality of the light. The result provides a stimulating and tranquil environment, truly bringing the magnificence of Palazzo Della Luna to light.
  • AHT

    Palazzo Della Luna will be fully equipped with a world class, state-of-the-art private cinema from industry leader AHT. Residents will enjoy the immersive and unparalleled cinematic experience of an expansive 14 foot screen with full DCI Digital Cinema and Dolby Atmos sound quality, as well as 3D viewing capabilities.
  • Lualdi

    Lualdi has earned recognition for its leadership in the design of interior doors and custom furniture through intense research and development overtime experimenting with new forms, technologies, processes and materials. A pioneer in industrial design since 1960, Lualdi has developed a range of high quality products curated by the top names in Italian and international design including models whichare featured throughout the residences and common areas of Palazzo Della Luna. For four generations, Lualdi has paid meticulous attention to product quality and processes, while at the same time upholding a time-honored commitment to the protection of the environmental, social and ecological sustainability of all materials and resources used.
  • Dornbracht

    The embodiment of luxury, innovation and exclusive design are reflected throughout Dornbracht faucets and fixtures. Dornbracht’s German heritage and sophisticated designs have earned the brand numerous international awards, and it is known worldwide as the innovative leader of vibrant creativity and luxury innovation. Palazzo Dell Luna reflects this same passion and conviction with its modern design. Sophistication, luxury and superior construction are the essence they both embody.
  • Gaggenau

    Palazzo Della Luna’s contemporary kitchens feature the world’s finest kitchen appliances from Gaggenau.

    A masterpiece of timeless beauty, perfect craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and purist design, each Gaggenau appliance is seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic of the residence design. In it’s more than 330-year old company history, Gaggenau has constantly redefined built-in kitchen appliances and has contributed significantly to the development of “culinary culture”. With an exceptional visual appeal and selected Gaggenau luxury appliances, the kitchens of these luxurious residences leave nothing to be desired by their owners who are true connoisseurs of uncompromising and high-quality standards.